Iranian Steel Industries Development Group (MAK) proudly announces that with the help of God and with the support of the technical knowledge and

experience of experienced and committed workforce, using the world's latest technologies and experience of nearly two decades and the support of researchwith foreign partners and D&R research group works with foreign partners and domestic engineers in the following fields.

  • Design, construction and operation of induction and arc smelting factories with the participation of foreign partners up to a capacity of 500,000 thousand per year


  • Designs and construction and operation of a production line and rolling mills for rebar, corner, stud, beam, sheet up to a capacity of 600,000 tons per year


  • Construction and operation of continuous casting


  •  Manufacturing factory equipment, including all kinds of stands, gearboxes and---


  • Step and cover preheat ovens with all components and accessories


  • Cooling bed (Bad cooling), packing system, Termax, cutting shears and guillotine


  • Inputs and outputs (guides)


In order to design, produce and guarantee the quality of steel production lines (induction melting furnaces, continuous casting and hot rolling lines),

management and engineering organization has been carried out using modern tools in this field. Utilizing the modern knowledge of industrial engineering,

systems engineering and tools and BPMS and CMMI standards provide great help in updating organizational relationships, which will be necessary

for any progressive group.In general, the MAK team, in addition to its organizational structure, does not see any limitations in using the abilities of internal

or external experts, teams and related companies, and fully believes in the outsourcing of the sector and productivity and qualitative and quantitative improvement.

In this regard, the work records of the company's managers are presented below.


  • Senior electronics expert: design and analysis of electronic hardware 17: previous year of design


  • Senior Mechanical Expert: Design and Analysis of Mechanical Hardware 12: Previous year of design


  • Master of Mechatronics: designing software and automation parts 5: previous year of design


  • Electrical expert: supervisor of installation and commissioning 12 years: previous years of installation and commissioning of induction furnaces


  • Mechanical expert: supervisor of manufacturing mechanical parts with 16 years of manufacturing experience

In addition to the above personnel, due to the need for consulting in the field of special designs as well as the research and development department, several consultants
are used, which include:

  • PhD in control systems in the field of industrial electronics, 7 years of design and consulting experience


  • Electronics expert: design of communication protocols in digital systems, 13 years of design experience


  • Senior expert in metallurgy, 20 years of experience in teaching and consulting and industrial activity


  • Senior expert in management systems for 25 years with many European courses and ISO audits


  • Industrial engineering expert with 15 years experience

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