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Walking beam charging table

Amir Hossein Nematkhah
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Amir Hossein Nematkhah
Walking beam charging table



Location    Components
Upstream re-heating furnace
  1. Walking beam charging table
  2. Charging device
  3. Pawl transfer roller table
  4. Fixed stop

Collecting and forwarding the incoming material  to the roller table.



A- Walking beam charging table

Alternate arranged fixed and movable plain racks on fabricated steel structure.

Hydraulic cylinders for horizontal and vertical motion of movable frame.



B- Charging device

For material selecting and charging onto the furnace inlet roller table.

Consisting of lifting and shifting wheeled arms mounted on hinged frame.

Lifting and shifting movment by means of hydraulic cylinders.

C- Pawl transfer roller table

Consisting of:

  • fabricated steel frame with sidewalls ;
  • independently driven rollers mounted on double support with roller bearings.

D- Fixed stop

Arranged for safety at the end of the roller table in case of accidental reverse rollers rotation.

fabricated steel construction.

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