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Horizontal stand

Amir Hossein Nematkhah
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Amir Hossein Nematkhah
Horizontal stand



Location    Components
Rolling mill

A. Motor coupling

B. Coupling guard

C. Motor baseplate

D-E. Gearbox / pinion stand

F. Horizontal spindles

G. Coupling boxes (stand side)

H. Coupling boxes (gearbox side)

I. Spindle guard

J. Coupling holder for in-line changing

K. Baseplate for in-line changing


Rolling in horizontal position.










A-Motor coupling 

Motor torque is transmitted to the pinion stand via a gear type coupling.

To protect the drive elements the coupling is provided with a torque-limiting device by means of shear pins.

In case of overload the shear pins will break.The pins can be easily replaced


B- Coupling guard

Installed around the coupling for operator safety. made of welded steel.


C- Motor baseplate

Fabricated steel structure.

D.E- Gearbox / pinion stand

Provided with helical gear teeth dimensioned according to ANSI-AGMA Standards.

Transmission gears in NiCrMo steel (casehardened by carburising) mounted on roller bearings


F- Horizontal spindles

The rolling torque is transmitted by universal, telescopic type spindles connected to the rolls and to the pinion shafts through the coupling boxes.

G- Coupling boxes (stand side)

Coupling boxes transmit the torque from the spindles to the rolling rolls via the flat roll ends. Automatic alignment of flat roll ends.

 H- Coupling boxes (gearbox side)

Coupling boxes transmit the torque from the pinion stand to the spindles via tapered shrink fit.

I- Spindle guard

welded steel construction.


J- Coupling holder for in-line changing

To support the spindles during stand changing operations.

The spindle couplings on the stand side are supported by self-centring chocks fitted with ball bearings; the chocks are enclosed in a horizontally movable frame.

The coupling chocks automatically cover the whole centre distance range of the stands.

The coupling holder moves with the stand during rolling/groove changing operations and is manually disengaged for stand changing operations.

K- Base plate for in-line changing

The horizontal foundation bed in welded steel supports the container with the cartridge and the coupling holder. Mechanical clamps are included to lock the stand container onto the baseplate.

Groove adjustment

Groove adjustment is performed by means of a hydraulic cylinder.


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